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TeacherWit Global Community

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What is it?

TeacherWit’s mission is to improve the quality of education by facilitating interactions and collaborations between educators and by sharing relevant resources about many educational topics.

This Global Learning Community is a digital place where educators from all around the world can connect for free and share ideas, questions, resources and best practices. Starting March 2022, free live events will also be organized with inspiring guest speakers. We are an inclusive community that believes in diversity. Everyone is welcome without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, or age. 

Why You Should Join Me

By joining TeacherWit, you get access to many helpful inspiring educational resources and benefit from the experience of many educators across the globe. You can contribute by sharing your story, bringing new ideas and questions to make this community a unique learning environment. You can also find partners to collaborate on local or global projects. Find inspiration and inspire others! Together, we are building capacity for one another.


TeacherWit has been developed by International Canadian Academy (ICA) and works in partnership with International Comprehensive (IC)  and Digital Media Academy (DMA).

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